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Healthy business relationships are the key to success

We know that the key to a healthy business is to create and cultivate friendships with clients and other business partners, by providing them with perfect solutions and services. As a real estate agent, it is only natural to want to protect clients, help them find the right sale or buy, and contribute to their success after the deal was closed.

Our Agent Referral Program gives you the opportunity to focus on sales and increase your revenue while providing your clients with highly qualified property management services. Your clients receive the same care and attention they enjoyed when working with you, and return to you when they decide to sell. You receive a generous commission for referring them to us, and many other great benefits.

Benefits of The Agent Referral Program

Our Agent Referral Program gives you the opportunity to focus on sales, increase your revenue, and offer your clients highly qualified property management services, so that they receive the same care and attention that they had when working with you

$750 Reward

That is how we thank you for trusting us with your referral. You will receive the fee once we sign the lease and secure a resident.

Guaranteed client return

We guarantee to send the client back to you when they are ready to buy or sell.

Free rent vs sell analysis

Professional advice on the rental value and cap rate of your client’s home. With this analysis we can work together to determine which path forward makes the most sense for your client.

Free investment analysis

Professional advice on the rental value and cap rate of any property your client is considering purchasing as a rental. With this analysis we can work together to determine if this is the right property for your client to purchase.

Free photo & video shoot

We have a full-time, in-house photographer / videographer who does an outstanding job, even including drone and time-lapse videos. We keep him really busy, but upon demand, we love to lend him out to our premier referral partners! Ask us for help when you need it!


How does it work?

In certain market conditions, the right solution for your client is to rent their property instead of selling it. Some other times, your client may want to buy rental investment property.

We manage the property until the client decides to sell.

With our full-service approach, we take care of every single issue from marketing and searching for the right tenant, to maintenance and repairs, and provide your client with a cheque at the end of the month.

When the right time comes and your client wants to sell the property, we smoothly transition them back to you.

PURE Property Management of New Mexico?

Over 800 property management clients entrust us with their homes and we work to earn and maintain their trust every day. Integrity is part of our work ethic. We perform internal and external audits, are open to critique, and strive to improve our service every single day.

We understand that a healthy business cannot survive without a robust business network in which all parties share success. Our Agent Referral Program  brings you access to a Free Business Growth Program so that you can build your portfolio, increase your business, and maintain an outstanding reputation with clients

Our goal is to improve the lives of landlords so that they can live life to the fullest, without the hassle of daily property management issues. We offer an array of services suited for all goals and budgets, which maximize your client’s revenue while managing their costs.

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