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The following conditions apply to our guarantees:

12-Month Rent Guarantee
  • The guarantee is available in the event in which PURE Property Management of New Mexico institutes legal proceedings for eviction against a resident that PURE Property Management of New Mexico has placed.
  • The amount paid is up to, but not exceeding the equivalent of one month’s rent as specified in the existing resident lease agreement, or the agreed rent price at the time of termination of resident occupancy.
  • Physical property damage, evictions or losses due to acts of God are not covered.

All our plans include the services below, and, depending on your choice, many more additional services!

  • Resident Placement
  • Rent Collection
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Full property management
  • 24/7 access to property management data and access to our support team
  • Online Investor Portal

For additional services dependent on the Plan of your choice, please check our Pricing Page.

While there are some exceptions, we generally offer services in an area within a 30-minute drive from our offices. If your property is close to one of our service areas, but you are unsure if we service your location please write us at, or book a call with our sales team, and we’ll let you know if we serve your area.

Property Management Agreement and Termination

There is no expiration date of a property management agreement with PURE Property Management of New Mexico. The agreement is renewed every month. You may terminate the agreement with a 60-day notice via email, and we will respond to your email with the Cancellation Agreement for review and signature. Please note that PURE Property Management of New Mexico does not accept fax notifications. As of the termination date of the property management agreement, it is the investor’s responsibility to contact and inform the residents where to make future rental payments and work requests.


To better enable PURE Property Management of New Mexico to pay expenditures as they become due, investor’s accounts have a required ‘minimum balance’ or maintenance reserve. Investors can replenish these funds via the PURE Property Management of New Mexico online investor portal using electronic funds or credit card.

Investors may be expected to be involved in common and routine repairs approximately exceeding $500, excluding any taxes or maintenance coordination fees, and HVAC, water heater, appliance issues or other uncommon or licensed trade repairs approximately exceeding $1500, excluding any taxes or maintenance coordination fees.

Turnovers typically take less than 7 days, but they may take longer depending on a number of factors, including the amount of work required and the availability of vendors, which can fluctuate at different times of the year.

Leasing and Renewals

PURE Property Management of New Mexico advertises vacant properties on its own website,, and on 50+ popular rental websites, to ensure that anyone looking for a rental will see your available property.

We simply do not want to rent your home to tenants whom we would not put into our own homes. We take great care to find a quality tenant for you, and screen applicants using the following methods:

  • Nationwide criminal background check
  • Eviction history
  • Employment/Income verification
  • Credit bureau screening
  • Rental history verification

Yes. Security deposits are typically equal to one month’s rent. Once the resident vacates the property, we deduct from the security deposit what is beyond the normal wear and tear. We also have a Security Deposit Waiver to excellent candidates in exchange for a fee of 7% of their monthly rent. This waiver has no effect on you as the tenant is still responsible for any damages they cause. If we are unable to collect from the tenant, HomeVault will advance up to one month of rental funds to compensate for the tenant’s deficiency.

Investor Portal

The investor portal is an online repository of all your relevant documents, financial statements, and other communication.You may use it to view your reports, balance sheets, and charges due to maintenance. You may also make a contribution and update your bank information through the portal.

HomeVault sends monthly statements to owners via email, usually by the 15th of each month or the first business day thereafter. These statements (and all previous statements) are also available for you to view anytime by logging into your owner portal. If you have difficulty reading your monthly statement, please contact your management team. We are happy to assist and to answer any questions you may have.

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