HomeVault Guaranteed Income Plan

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Consistent Monthly Rent. No Additional Expenses. Guaranteed.

HomeVault values your time. That’s why we developed the Guaranteed Income Plan, the perfect tool to free up your schedule, avoid rental income fluctuations, and make your rental property a continuously profitable investment.

Benefits of the Guaranteed Income Plan compared to traditional property management

HomeVault Guaranteed Income Plan

✔ Guaranteed, consistent rental income irrespective of what happens on our end!

✔ You save precious time and can take care of the important things in your life.

✔ Your house is protected. We handle everything from sub-tenants to repairs.

✔ Your property keeps producing money and you can sell it when the market conditions are favorable.

✔ You may be eligible for benefits on your rental income tax payments.

Traditional Property Management

✘ Fluctuating, unpredictable rental income depending on various factors.

✘ Vacancies, sensitive decisions, and non-cooperative tenants can take up a lot of your time.

✘ You will need to pay utility and maintenance bills for any repairs done on your property.

✘ There are no guarantees to the profitability of your property at any given moment.

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How it Works

You sign a lease agreement and give us control over the property and the right to sublease it with the expectation of profit.
On our end, we pay the rent, utilities and take care of all maintenance and repair expenses.
We also take on all the risks related to vacancy, tenants defaulting on rent, and evictions.

In short, you are guaranteed to receive your monthly rent no matter what happens.

Say Goodbye To Uncertainties, Lost Time, and Fluctuating Rental Income

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